Ana Popova Jewelry FW2020 Collection

“Ana Popova – 10 years of ode to femininity!”
Here are the key 10 performances since 2019:
Ana Popova products are being sold in over 160 boutiques all over the world
Ana Popova products are being sold in 36 countries
In 10 years Ana Popova team has increased 10 times (from 2 to 22 employees)
In 2011 signature design necklace “Anna” became best-seller and was nominated in Top 10 Must-Have creations at Bijorhca salon, Paris, France
In 2017 Ana Popova launched 1st loungewear line in Republic of Moldova
In 2017 was acquired 1st Ana Popova franchise in Romania
In 2019 Ana Popova became Designer of the Year in Republic of Moldova
In 2019 Ana Popova was awarded the diploma for her contribution to combat the female migration from Republic of Moldova
Ana Popova is a trademark, registered in 3 countries
Ana Popova has official distribution in USABecome a part of Ana Popova world and let’s make more women happier all over the world!

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