Ana Popova: история бренда - от jewelry до loungewear

In the aftermath of the bout "Ana Popova" исполняются юбилейные 10 лет. Этого вполне много для того, чтобы стать известным, и достаточно мало для того, чтобы реализовать главную мечту жизни. The designer was decorated, but with a dirty pood and a çexclusive homework, the Anny Popovoy received it, and so on. Рассказываем о том, с чего всё начиналось и к what came.

About self-discipline and fidelity to yourself

The process of creating jewelry was a constant method of poking. Anna is self-taught in this business, because there were no courses, no schools, no universities where she could get a diploma in fashion jewelry profile (and there is still no one). At the very beginning, Anna did not know the absolutely simple, as it seems to her now, things, for example, how to attach a bead to the studs for earrings.
She does not draw sketches - decorations create right on the dummy. And if you want to get a certain silhouette, connects to it the imagination, estimates, using what materials, proportions, it will succeed. Prototypes Anna creates only in black, and after the helpers already on the finished product draw a scheme. When a technical drawing is ready, the designer determines the color combination and what elements will be included in it. In general, Anna works on the team, repeating: "There is no only me - we are!".
Popova never changes her style. Yes, there is demand, because people's preferences completely depend on what the market dictates.
In 2011, when massive bracelets entered the fashion and everyone went crazy about them, Anna learned how to make them: they were the most jangling, with lots of details, but still they did not get out of their design from the collection. There were periods when the designer was offered to do something different, which corresponded to the trends, but did not correspond to it. But she would not agree to this. Its trade-off is to bring its work under the trend, but remain recognizable.

About parents, understanding

Если опираться на неоспоримую истину, озвученную когда-то Экзюпери, что все мы родом из детства, то и рассказ о взрослом и состоявшемся человеке начинать следует тоже именно с той поры.

Родители Анны - люди серьёзных профессий: отец - военный