Loungewear and nightwear
feeling of classy cosiness
feminine essence
is about feeling natural, stylish and cozy.
Handcrafted jewelry
elegance and noble simplicity
Feminine essence
Floral and tender design that captures the eyes. Flower concept that brings to your silhouette the sensual power.

Ana Popova

Discover feminine essence

Ana Popova loungewear & nightwear

is about feeling natural, stylish and cozy.   
Collections combines chic style and comfort - prooving you can have it all.
We designed a collection of  lounge pieces around being cozy at home, and finding peace, rest, and relaxation.  
Ana Popova has 2  product lines: loungewear & nightwear.
Our patterns are carefully selected to offer a feeling of classy cosiness.
Ana Popova 's client is a natural,  self-confident and fashionable/ stylish woman, who is careful to detail, appreciates quality and follow the last fashion trends in her looks.
Our collection is contemporary, with minimal design, modern shapes and lines, subtle sillouettes, delicate fabrics, soft colours and prints-  just to make your mornings, days and nights more refined and homey.
Designed with lazy days and sweet weekends in mind, you’ll find everything you need to cosy up in comfort at home.  
The line of New spring-summer 2018 features simple and functional lines in solid colors, pastel and floral patterns.
If you're looking for something feminine, comfortable and classy at the same time -
our collection is what you need for.
Be feminine, be you…be beautiful at home!

Ana Popova Designer Jewelry

it is an expression of urban and in the same time romantic fashion vision.
Every line collection proposes from minimal and modern design to romantic, floral and aesthetic one.
Designer’s signature details, such as 100% hand-crafted natural silk floral elements, are being rediscovered in new jewelry designs, meant to complement every outfit.
Each season Ana Popova presents her versatile collection that combines designer’s vision and fashion trends, asymmetric forms and different textures with romantic styles which also integrate floral themes as a part of a jewelry. Basic elements of collection, carefully hand-crafted and integrated in each jewelry piece are: massive or gentle hand-crafted textile flowers, natural crystals, leather cord compositions, hand-crafted jacquard beads...
Contemporary jewelry design of Ana Popova’s new collection gives a strong personality and modern accent to a woman.
Jewelry is made with hands, meaning each piece is truly unique.

“My jewellery pieces are an ode to femininity, elegance and noble simplicity that is hidden in details”(Ana Popova)

About Ana Popova

Ana Popova is a Moldovan brand established in 2009 that makes hand-crafted costume and fashion jewellery, focusing on 100% hand-crafted natural textile flowers, beads: necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. 
From 2017 Ana Popova launched first loungewear & nightwear line.
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